Thursday, November 29, 2012

Players' Individual Points and Ratings Posted; Preview of Rounds 2 and 3 Matches

Players’ individual points and MHSCL ratings were recently posted on the league’s website. Five players had three wins after round 1 - Ella Collins and Nelson Singh of Cornwall Central HS Team Two, Kostya Shetekauri of Monroe-Woodbury HS, Ian Payne of The Mount Academy, and David Sanz of James O’Neill HS Team One. Timothy Mills of James O’Neill HS Team One scored two-and-a-half points. The above players helped jump-start their respective teams.

Kostya Shetekauri’s 1619 rating is the highest amongst all players. Some of the ratings included the 2012-13 Kick-Off tournament results. Updated ratings would be posted soon after rounds two and three matches.

Rounds two and three will be played on Saturday, December 1 at Cornwall Central HS. Two of round two matches will be interesting. Monroe-Woodbury and The Mount Academy Team Two, tied for first in the Kasparov Conference, will play each other. Cornwall Central HS Team Two- James O’Neill HS Team One match will battle for first place in the Kasparov Conference. Monroe-Woodbury HS will play two 1-0 teams, The Mount Academy Team Two in round two and Cornwall Central HS Team Two in round three.

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mid-Hudson Scholastic Chess League Match Play Started – Round 1 Summary


The match portion of the 2012-13 season started November 18, 2012, Round one was played at Cornwall Central High, located in Cornwall, NY. Three of the four matches were one-sided, while the fourth was decided by one game.

The Middletown - The Mount Academy Team One match was postponed to a later date.

James O'Neill Team One vs Kingston HS: Last year's runner-up to Cornwall HS defeated Kingston 7.5 - 1.5. Dave Sanz won three games and Tim Mills had two victories for O'Neill. Michael Liu was responsible for Kingston's points, one win and one draw.

Monroe-Woodbury vs James O'Neill Team Two: Kostya Shetekuri’s three wins and Ethan Besas' two points led Woodbury to a 7-2 match victory.

Cornwall Central Team Two vs Highland Mills Middle School: Cornwall shutout Highland Falls Middle School, 9-0. Ella Collins and Nelson Singh each had three wins, and Kyle Emanuele won two games.

The Mount Academy Team Two vs Cornwall Central Team One: The Mount Academy, led by Ian Payne's three victories and Titus Decker's two wins, defeated the defending champs, 5-4. Chase Heustis scored two points for Cornwall Central.

Cornwall Team One's lost snapped the team’s ten-consecutive match winning streak overall (seven-match winning streak during the regular season). Cornwall Team One lost to Middletown in round four, 5-4, during the 2010-11 season. Middletown then defeated Cornwall Team Two the next round by the same margin. It was the first time one team defeated two teams from the same school during the regular season.

Rounds Two and Three will be played Saturday, December 1, 2012, at Cornwall Central HS.

Please check to view round one crosstables, photos, and additional information on the Mid-Hudson Scholastic Chess League.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Kick-Off Swiss Tournament Starts 2012-13 MHSCL Season

Twenty-eight high school, middle, and elementary school players participated in the sixth annual MHSCL Kick-off tournament that was played October 27, 2012 at Cornwall Central HS in Cornwall, NY.

Alister Collins of Cornwall finished first, winning all five games. Second-through-seventh place finishers, all with 4-1 scores were Timothy Mills (James O’Neill HS), John Martellaro (Cornwall HS), Titus Decker (The Mount Academy), Jessica Rattray (Cornwall HS), Chase Huestis (Cornwall HS), and Ella Collins (Cornwall, HS). Check here for the Kick-Off Tournament final standings.

Alister Collins (left), Mr. Douglas Stack (MHSCL President and Cornwall HS Coach)

The event was a combination of an individual and team tournament. The top four scores of players from the same school were used to calculate a team point total each round.

Cornwall HS, with the hope of Alister Collins’ five points, won its fourth straight team trophy with 17 points. The Mount Academy, scoring three points in the fifth round, finished in second with 12 points. James O’Neill HS finished in third place with 11 points.

Cornwall HS

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2011-12 Mid-Hudson Scholastic Chess League Season Recap

 The Mid-Hudson Scholastic Chess League (MHSCL) ended its tenth season March 10, 2012. Please click here for the final standings. 
Top individuals with most points during the season
Kostya Shetekauri of Monroe-Woodbury (15 points out of 15 games). Second through 8th were Timothy Mills of James O'Neill Team 1 (13.5 out of 15), John Darling of Cornwall Central HS Team 1 (13 points out of 14), Nate Matteson of Kingston HS (11points out of 14 games), Aleks Rosenbaum of Highland Falls Middle School (10 points out of 14 games), Alister Collins of Cornwall HS Team 1 nine points out of 10 games) , Christian Irizarry of Middletown HS (nine points out of 13 games) , and Jacob Sizemore of James O’Neill HS Team 2 (nine points out of 14 games played).

Semi-Final Matches


Cornwall Central HS Team 1 vs Kingston HS: John Darling and John Martello each won two games as Cornwall nipped Kingston 5-4. Cornwall Central won two of the three games in the final set to advance to the finals.

James O'Neill Team 1 vs Middletown HS: James O’Neill won the match, 6-3, despite Middletown’s Christian Irizarry winning three games. Timothy Mills and Ryan McCabe had two wins apiece, while Dave Sanz and Nick Fischer accounted for the other James O'Neill victories.
Consolation Match

Kingston HS vs Middletown HS: Kingston easily won the match, 8.5-0.5. Tom Schouten and Nathan Matteson won three games apiece, and Michael Liu won twice and drew one game.

Championship Match

Cornwall Central HS Team 1 vs James O’Neill HS Team 1: John Darling's three wins led Cornwall HS to its third consecutive championship, defeating James O'Neill HS 7.5-1.5. Alister Collins had two victories, Chase Huestis had a win and a draw, and John Martello won one game. Timothy Mills scored all of James O'Neill's points.

End-Of-Season 5-Round Swiss

The end-of-season five-round Swiss tournament was held at the same time as the playoffs. The event included players who did not participate in the playoffs. Kostya Shetakuri of Monroe-Woodbury HS won the 23-player section by a 5-0 score. Adrian Burnett, Leroy Meier, and Titus Decker, all The Mount Academy students, each scored four points. Other trophy winners were Shawn Burnett (The Amount Academy) and Ella Collins (Conrwall), each with three points.

The Mount Academy won the team portion of event, scoring 15 points. Cornwall Central HS finished second with 10 points, Kingston. HS finished third with nine points, and James O'Neill HS finished with eight points.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

MHSCL Season Summary After Three Rounds: Four Undefeated Teams With 2 Rounds Remaining

Six Mid-Hudson Scholastic Chess League matches were played January 7, 2012, at James O’Neill HS, which is located in Fort Montgomery, NY. When the dust cleared, four teams remained undefeated with two rounds remaining. Three teams (Cornwall Central High School Team 1, Kingston High School, and James O’Neill High School Team 1) were 3-0, and Middletown High School was 2-0 with a makeup match to be played.

Cornwall Central HS Team 1, the Fischer Conference’s top team and two-time defending champs, narrowly defeated Monroe-Woodbury, 5-4, before winning the next two matches against Highland Falls Middle School (8-1) and Monroe-Woodbury Team 2 (9-0). John Darling (8 wins out of 9 games), Alister Collins (5 wins out of 6), and John Martellario were the three players on Cornwall HS 1’s team.

Kingston High School, using its entire roster, defeated The Mount Academy, 7-2, Monroe-Woodbury, 6-3, and Cornwall Central HS Team 2, 7-2. Tom Schouten and Nate Matteson each had 7 wins out of 8 games. Other players on the Kingston squad were Michael Liu, Tim Halderman, Ryan McGinn, and Marc Schiffres.

James O’Neill High School Team 1 defeated Cornwall Central HS Team 2, 8-1, and Monroe-Woodbury Team 2, 8.5-0.5, before nipping Monroe-Woodbury Team 1, 5-4. Timothy Mills (7.5 points out of 9), Nick Fischer (5 points out of 6), Ryan McCabe (4 points out of 6), and David Sanz (4 points in 7 games) helped the school win its matches.

Middletown High School, which played its third-round and one of its makeup matches, beat James O’Neill Team 2, 6-3, and Highland Falls Middle School, 6-3. Christian Irizzary (4 wins out of 5 games), Sagardeep Singh (3 wins out of 5 games), and Kyle Pacia (2 wins out of 5 games) aided Middletown in the two match wins.

Rounds 4 and 5 will be played Saturday, February 4, 2012, at Cornwall HS. Several key matches will decide conference winners and playoff teams. The round-four match between Middletown High School and Cornwall Central HS Team 1 may determine the Fischer Conference winner. The James O’Neill HS Team 1 - Kingston HS match in the last round may decide the Kasparov Conference champion. The Mount Academy, with a 2-1 record and one point behind Kingston HS and James O’Neill HS Team 1, must win its last two matches against James O’Neill Team 1 and Monroe-Woodbury HS Team 1 to contend for a playoff spot.

Stay tuned!

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