Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2011-12 Mid-Hudson Chess League Kick-Off Tournament

The Mid-Hudson Scholastic Chess League (MHSCL) started its tenth season by holding its fifth Kick-off tournament on November 12 at Cornwall Central High School. The event was originally scheduled on October 29 but nature tricked the Northeast with a rare pre-Holloween snowstorm.

John Darling of Cornwall Central HS won the 22-player tournament, 5-0. His last round game was against his younger brother, Luke, who finished in second place with four points. Third-through-fifth Place finishers, also scoring four points apiece, were Leroy Meier of The Mount Academy, Nate Matteson of Kingston, and Dave Sanz of James O'Neill HS.

Players scoring three points were Chase Huestis of Cornwall Central HS, Timothy Mills of James O'Neill HS, Ryan Mc Cabe of James O'Neill HS, Ian Payne of The Mount Academy, and Nick Fischer of James O'Neill HS.

The Kickoff tournament was a combined individual and team event. The top four individual scores from the same school determine that school’s points in each round.

Cornwall Central HS, with the help of the Darling brothers, captured its third straight Kickoff Tournament, scoring 14.5 points. James O'Neill HS finished second with 13 points and The Mount Academy third with 11 points.

Cornwall has won the Kick-Off team event four times. In 2008-09, the team finished in second place (14.5 points), one half point behind Burke HS.

The MHSCL will start its five-round match play December 10, 2011. Please check

mhscl.lktechnodude.com for more information on the tournament (including the final crosstable) and the league.